Stevenson Jaques & Co. v McLean Case Facts

The respondent, Mclean, proposed to offer iron to the complainant, Stevenson Jaques and Co. This was at the cost of 40s and the proposition would stay open until Monday. The complainant sent a wire to the litigant, finding out if he would acknowledge an installment of 40 more than a two-month time span, or what his longest cutoff would be for installment. McLean didn’t answer this wire. The litigant offered the iron to another party, however, didn’t illuminate the complainant regarding this activity. On Monday morning, the grumbling sent a wire to acknowledge the proposition, unaware it had been sold.

Case Issues

The complainant sued the respondent for non-conveyance of the iron and that this was a break of agreement. The issue for the situation was whether there was an official agreement between the gatherings and on the off chance that the message sent by the complainant was a request for data or a counter offer.

Stevenson v Mclean Case Outcome

The court heard the complainant was just inquisitive for more data about whether the particulars of the proposition could be changed; there was no particular phrasing to show that it was a counter deal or dismissal. This was rather than Hyde v Wrench. This implied that the proposition made by the litigant was as yet legitimate and the second wire by the objection framed an official agreement. While the commitment of the deal staying open until Monday was not itself restricting and an offeror can disavow this whenever there had been no renouncement conveyed to the complainant for this situation.